Apr 20

Ruled the School

By the time I was in 8th grade I felt like I ruled the school. I was having fun, most of the time. When I would get off the bus in the morning a group of 6th grade girls would be waiting for me. They would follow me to my locker every morning because for some reason they thought I was cool. I was an avid Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bulls fan. I listened to Green Day, NWA, Hootie and the Blowfish, and Michael Bolton. My favorite TV show was this new show called ER and I was (and still am) into George Clooney. I’m not sure if that made me cool, but to them it did.

What I did not feel cool about was that my future high school wanted to know all about me. They wanted to see what it would be like to have me around. They wanted my middle school to shoot a film of me at school and they would show it to the staff in a meeting. I loved the camera that was not the problem. The problem was someone doing this at school day after day, following me and my wheelchair – not the kind of attention I wanted.

This was 1995 when video cameras still used VHS tapes and were the size of Mount Everest! My parents also had one and I was always recording stuff with it. But this was not home, this was school. At first my aide recorded boring medical stuff, but then she ventured out. I wanted to shrink even smaller than my 4 ft frame and disappear.

My aide filmed me in the hallway, passing notes to my best friend. She recorded me in gym class with my friends and I playing handball. Oh my God, my life was over. Then she recorded me in math class and the teacher I had had a crush on for almost three years. I wanted to crawl under that custom made lowered desk and hide!

The worst was yet to come. During science class, while the class was being lectured, I had to go to the back of the room and pretend for the camera that I was conducting a science experiment. My classmates one by one turned around to see what was going on in the back of the room. Those eyes felt like fire on me.

I still have the video and of course it’s something I can laugh at today. To see my classmates and I at school is something that most people don’t have. After looking back, it seems that I don’t know what was more embarrassing:  having a camera recording my every move or the clothes I wore!


  1. DeeDee

    I’d say the clothes because when I look back at old photos its always the outfits that were the goofyest…Good read here thanks for the share

  2. Julie

    The video thing must have felt like a big invasion of privacy “T” but the clothes, they seem to come back in style every now and then. At least they had material and covered things up unlike most of the clothes that the kids are wearing today.

    Loved your blog entry!

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