Dec 15

That Little Apartment

The summer before my junior year of high school was a new adventure. It was exciting, scary, and sad all wrapped up into one. After years of my mom almost going through with divorcing my dad, we all doubted she was brave enough to do it. I was seventeen years old and had always lived in the same house. More than anything as an animal lover, I was very upset about splitting up the family pets.

We moved far away, a whopping five minutes. Our new apartment was on the second floor overlooking a polluted non-moving stream. Our world was about to change. Both my mother and I had a lot of growing up to do. She had been with my dad from the time she was in her late teens. He was the breadwinner and she the stay at home mom. She lost her identity and confidence during those years.

When we moved we did not have much. We did have AC for the first time. It was great to have a real room with a door on it. At the house I grew up in, my room was meant to be a dinning room in the middle of the house with no doors. You had to come through my room to get anywhere in the house. When my mom would tell my dad that girls need privacy at a certain age, my dad just did not see why. Growing up with three older brothers he did not know daughters even ones that love sports needed space.

So at our apartment we had our two young dogs and my box turtle Ulysses. My new room would have bunk beds and later a desk. I had a closet for the first time and a huge one. I plastered my walls with pictures of George Clooney, Matthew McConaughey, and Scott Wolf from Party of Five.

We had a lot of trials, laughs, and cries in that apartment. It was in that apartment that I turned 18 and that I woke up to the news I was an aunt for the first time. It was where I slept restlessly the night before my high school graduation. It was where friends gathered and sleepovers happened. I had my first job while living in that apartment and my first tattoo. It was there that my nurse passed out and 911 was called. It was there that my little Doxie peed on our balcony onto the neighbor below.

It may have been a small apartment that after two years was filled to capacity, but both my mother and I grew up so much while living there. We never went far from my father, and he is still a huge part of our lives. He is more involved and helpful now than he ever was when we lived with him. We are three very different people, and that little apartment helped us all grow to be independent of each other.


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  1. Sherry

    Tanya, I like your story. Very insightful – being a stay at home Mom does take away a lot of your confidence and your identity is forever linked to your children. Nothing wrong with that – but, the loss of confidence – so true! I am still working on getting my confidence back to what it was when I was young – I don’t think I ever will, but still working on it.

    I know I spent a fair amount of time at your house – and I think your Dad was always at work! I am glad that the relationships have improved!

  2. DeeDee

    Great story, I love reading your writing.. Keep writing..

  3. DeeDee

    Great story, I love reading your writing.. Keep writing..

  4. DeeDee

    Great story, I love reading your writing.. Keep writing..

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